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  Considering Bergen! 

- Staying on in Bergen after the withdrawal -


To find information about several aspects of staying on in Bergen please click on one subject on the left.


15.01.15 Bergen town’s Fund to assist Brits who wish to remain in the area.

The Town of Bergen has set aside monies to assist those Brits who wish to remain here in Bergen after Drawdown.

This is aimed at persons who have been involved with the Military and are looking to settle down within the local area.

These funds can be used for instance for paying travel costs or language training, or towards the costs of having children minded while parents are undergoing language training. Other costs may be covered on application.

This contribution towards costs can be applied for by all serving members of the Armed Forces Community here, civilian attached personal and their dependents.

A simple letter of application, stating for what purpose the money is required must be submitted.

These funds may only be used if they support people who wish to stay and reside in Bergen and no other funds are available or can be applied for. There is no legal right to receive these funds.

Questions will be answered, in English, by Mrs Tina Dodds who can be found in the Information Office in the main hall of the Rathaus. She can be contacted on: 05051 479 28

Do you have queries regarding the subject
"Considering Bergen!"?  

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Please contact:

Frau Christine Dodds, Tel. 05051 /479-28
email: info@bergen-online.de 


The probably known helpful contact person of the ctp rrc Herford for service leavers is:

Career Transition Partnership

Tony Hooper
Regional Employment and Training Manager

Career Transition Partnership
Right Management

Block 1
Hammersmith Barracks
32049 Herford

Phone +49 5221 9953675
Mil 94882 3675
Fax 94882 3174


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Stadt Bergen • Landkreis Celle • Deichend 3-7 • 29 303 Bergen • Fon 0 50 51 / 479 0 • Fax 0 50 51 / 479 36 • info@bergen-online.de