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Local government

The council of the city of Bergen has 33 elected members. In the current legislative period (2011-2016), 17 members are from the CDU (Christian Democrats), seven are from the SPD (Social Democrats), five from voting blocs, two from the Greens, one from the FDP (Free Democrats), and one seat is accounted for by the mayor. An administrative committee is responsible for preparing the resolutions of the council. The decisions of the council are sent for approval and reviewed by eight special committees.

Since 1998, Rainer Prokop has held the office of Mayor of the City of Bergen.

The 13 local municipalities of the city of Bergen (Bergen, Becklingen, Belsen, Bleckmar, Diesten, Dohnsen, Eversen, Hagen, Hassel, Nindorf, Offen, Sülze and Wardböhmen) elect local municipal councils. The local council of Bergen has nine members and the remaining local councils have five members each. Each local council is headed by a local or town mayor who is elected from among the members of the respective local council.

This is the right site for all who wish to learn more about the composition of the city council, the committees, the local municipal councils, the session dates, the deliberations and the decisions. Just click your way through the menu displayed on the left-hand side of this section.

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