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Bilderbuchkino in der Stadtbücherei

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Kindergartens and Schools 

From kindergarten to high school – in Bergen, we look after the positive development of our children. Versatile and high-quality care services allow not only the reconciliation of work and family life but also encourage the development and socialisation of children for availing the best educational opportunities. 


Crèches and day care facilities for children

In Bergen, we have taken the opportunity to expand our child care facilities. The goal of our day care centres is to create ideal educational opportunities for all children. To achieve this, the institutions focus on the curiosity and the joy of discovery of your child and encourage each child according to his/her skills and abilities, both individually and in integrative groups.  

In five urban day care centres and three day care centres run by independent sponsors, qualified staff look after your little ones. Timings are arranged to allow flexibility for the parents: they can bring their children to the centres for the morning and afternoon groups. In addition, a full-day service is also offered from 6:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

“Neuer Weg” children’s day care centre

Kindergarten with morning, afternoon and full-day service; crèche with morning and full-day service.
Sponsor: City of Bergen, Neuer Weg 8, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-2070


“Lukenstrasse” kindergarten

Cooperative kindergarten with a morning group.
Sponsor: City of Bergen, Lukenstrasse 8, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-6321


Protestant kindergarten Bergen

Morning and afternoon groupsand a full-day service with two integrative groups and an open age group for children under the age of 3.
Sponsor: Evangelisches St. Lamberti Kirchengemeinde Bergen, Schulstrasse 24, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-4642


Day care centre Sülze

Children’s day care centre with morning and afternoon groups and a full-day service; crèche with a morning group, optional full-day service also available.
Sponsor: City of Bergen, local municipality of Sülze, Buhrnstrasse 11, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5054-202 


Kindergarten Eversen

Children’s day care centre with two morning groups.
Sponsor: City of Bergen, local municipality of Eversen, Beutzer Weg 2, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5054-980306


Kindergarten Offen

Morning service
Sponsor: City of Bergen, local municipality of Offen, Alte Strasse 10, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-6750


Lukenstrasse cooperative kindergarten

Curative education group of the Lebenshilfe association with certified day care centre focusing on movement and physical education.
Sponsor: Lebenshilfe Celle gem. GmbH, Lukenstrasse 8, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-9145475


Day care centre SPUNK

Kindergarten focusing on special educational needs.
Sponsor: gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für integrative Behindertenarbeit Hannover (non-profit organisation for the integration of disabled persons, Hanover), external group “Bullerbü”, Dahlbrücke,29303 Bergen, Mobile no.: +49-(0)157-38834521



Elementary schools   



With after-school care
Ringstrasse 5, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-2032



With after-school care and a branch of Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule
Sülzweg 15, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-2224


Grundschule Eversen (Eversen elementary school)

Local municipality of Eversen (with after-school care)
Zum Felde 6, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5054-522


Dahlhof-Schule Sülze

Local municipality of Sülze (with after-school care)
Dahlbrücke 1, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5054-366


Special school with a focus on learning



Focus on learning as well as on physical and motor development
Lange Strasse 11, 29303 Bergen, Furthermore, the school also has branches in Eugen-Naumann-Schule and Anne-Frank-Schule.

Tel.: +49-(0)5051-2523


General secondary school (to be discontinued)



With after-school care and a branch of Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule
Amtland 28, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-470277


Oberschule Bergen (middle and secondary school)  

Secondary school with the option of grammar school offer from year 5 to 9 or 10.
Heinrich-Hellberg-Weg 12, 29303 Bergen, Tel.: +49-(0)5051-470297

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