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Industrial estates and residential areas

Information and details on the industrial estates and residential areas (with available plots) in the city of Bergen is available at:


“Auf der Schanze” industrial estate in Bergen

The industrial park is located on the southern outskirts of Bergen near German federal road B3. The park has a total area of 13.7 hectares. Autobahn A7 (Hamburg-Würzburg) is 20 km away and the distance to the Hanover airport is 54 km. Business from various industries, for instance automotive dealerships, building trade, warehousing, materials handling and logistics companies, have established themselves here. Additional plots of different sizes are still available for commercial sites.


“Goldbergweg/Am Falksmoor” industrial estate

This industrial park is located on the southwestern outskirts of Bergen. Among other businesses, timber and steel engineering companies, materials handling and automation companies, and gardening and landscaping companies are based at this park.
All plots in this industrial estate have already been sold.


Specific land-use area “Moorkamp” in Eversen

The specific land-use area Moorkamp is located in Eversen – right in the middle of the scenic Südheide Nature Park and on the banks of the river Örtze. Eversen has around 1,300 inhabitants and an excellent infrastructure: food stores, a kindergarten, an elementary school and a variety of clubs and social activities. By bus or car, the school towns of Bergen and Hermannsburg as well as the county town of Celle can be accessed easily. The remaining plots can be purchased directly through Stadtentwicklung Bergen GmbH.


Specific land-use area “Vor dem Horste” in Becklingen

The old village of Becklingen is located in the north of the administrative district of Celle. Surrounded by fields and open countryside lies the specific land-use area “Vor dem Horste”, around 7 km from the city of Bergen. Becklingen is connected by a regular bus service to Bergen. Autobahn A7 is only 8 km away.


Specific land-use area “Auf dem Kampe” in Sülze

“Auf dem Kampe” is situated in the north of Sülze. The plots – nestled in an idyllic remoteness and yet only a few hundred metres away from the town centre – are not far from country road L240 which leads to the neighbouring communities of Diesten and Hermannsburg. By bus or car, the neighbouring school towns of Bergen and Hermannsburg as well as the county town of Celle can be accessed easily.

Sülze is a small special development area or “basic centre” with around 1,600 inhabitants, shops, a day care facility for children and an elementary school.


Specific land-use area “Vor dem Steinberge” in Sülze

In this development area, there are still three to four building plots along a local road. The plots are located at the southeastern edge of the municipal district of Waldhof, near district road 24 which connects Hassel and Sülze, and around 2 km away from the centre of Sülze.


Specific land-use area “Amtland” in Bergen

The specific land-use area "Amtland" is located on the southwestern outskirts of Bergen and offers a buildable area of ​​7267 m² for up to ten detached and semi-detached houses. The city of Bergen has two shopping centers, several discount stores, doctors' offices and pharmacies. There are also five general schools and three kindergartens. As leisure facilities Bergen has a swimming pool, a library a sports hall and a youth center. The international cuisine is also represented as various clubs and societies for almost every taste.

The nearby motorway takes you in only one hour to Hamburg, Bremen or Hanover. By car or regular bus routes, the district towns Celle and Soltau can be reached in under 30 minutes.

All this makes the city of Bergen to a livable place for young and old people.


Specific land-use area “Krähenberg” in Hassel

“Krähenberg” in Hassel is an ideal spot for those who wish to live close to nature. The local municipality of Hassel is not far from federal road B3 connecting Bergen and Celle and is an ideal home for 220 inhabitants.

“Krähenberg” is on a small elevation in the midst of forests and fields. Country roads and a well developed network of bicycle roads connect Hassel to the surrounding communities. As far as the infrastructure is concerned, the specific land-use area “Krähenberg” is ideally connected via the federal road and a bus service to the cities of Bergen and Celle.

Plans and layouts of the plots are available at www.bergen-online.de under the category “Economy and Urban Planning”.


For further information, address your queries to Mayor Rainer Prokop, tel.: +49-(0)5051-479-11, and Andreas Deschner, tel.: +49-(0)5051-479-51.

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