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Bergen – an excellent location for your business


Although first mentioned in historical documents in 1197, Bergen had already been a major settlement for the surrounding villages since the Early Middle Ages. Later, due to the favourable location of the nearby saltern, craftsmen and traders came and settled in Bergen.

The establishment of the military training area in 1935 played a major role in reviving the local economy and improving its infrastructure. The city of Bergen has been recognised as a hub within the administrative district of Celle, capable of attracting a number of enterprises and individuals to settle there by virtue of funding preferences and related initiatives.

Transport connections

Transport links via federal road B3, rail freight transport services provided by the Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE, East Hanover Railways) and Bergen’s geographical location at the centre of northern Germany are favourable conditions for business activities. Furthermore, the entire urban area is accessible thanks to the excellent connection provided by the federal road which runs in a north-south direction.

The travel time required to reach exit Soltau-Süd on the Hamburg-Würzburg autobahn (A7) is only around 10 minutes. Federal road B191 provides an excellent connection to the Hamburg-Berlin and Berlin-Rostock autobahns that lie to the east of Bergen. The distance to Hannover-Langenhagen airport is 54 km.

Industrial estates

Click here for an overview of the various industrial estates of the city of Bergen.

As our main focus is on economic development and attracting new businesses, our mayor Rainer Prokop is personally available for an open discussion.

Rainer Prokop
Tel.: +49-(0)5051-479-11

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