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Health insurance

As an employee, you definitely have health insurance – either under the statutory health insurance system or as a member of a private health insurance. If you fall ill the health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment. The statutory health insurance system includes the following benefits:

If your spouse is unemployed, he or she may be covered under your statutory health insurance policy at no extra charge to you. The same applies to your children.

Moreover, your health insurance policy automatically includes compulsory long-term care insurance. Your long-term care insurance is activated if, for example, you need nursing care because of a serious illness that prevents you from caring for yourself.

What is a health insurance card?

As soon as you become a member of a statutory health insurance, you will receive an electronic health insurance card documenting your membership. The card includes a photo and an electronic record of your name, date of birth, address, policy number and insurance status. It must be submitted whenever you see your doctor so that your health insurance can be billed for treatment. Your health insurance card is valid in all 27 EU countries as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. This means that if you fall ill in one of these countries while on holiday or a business trip, your health insurance card gives you access to medical treatment there. Before travelling abroad, it is a good idea to contact your health insurance to find out what to do in an emergency.

Visiting your doctor

In Germany, you can choose your own doctor. In most cases your first visit is to your general practitioner. If necessary he or she will refer you to a specialist or arrange for you to be admitted to a hospital. When you have found a doctor call his or her surgery and make an appointment; this avoids a long wait.

General practitioners in Bergen:

Gemeinschaftspraxis Sülze
Wolfgang Schulz and Dr. Petra Zöllich
Salzstraße 26
29303 Bergen (Sülze)
Telefon 05054/1024

and Kärrnerstr. 32
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/4576
Dr. Ernst-Erich Kluge
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/8041

Specialists in internal medicine in Bergen:

Dr. Brüggemann, Dr. Koch
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/8071
Dr. Petra Zöllich
Salzstraße 26
29303 Bergen (Sülze)
and Kärrnerstr. 32
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05054/1024
Dr. Klaus Schmelter
Harburger Str. 1
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/2518

Paediatricians in Bergen:

Dr. Nicole Rüdiger
Bahnhofstraße 35
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/4703000
Celler Centrum für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin
Außenstelle Bergen
Harburger Str. 1
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/9149778

Ear, nose and throat specialist in Bergen:

Dr. Jan N. Ahmadi
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/6 06 44 04    

Eye specialist in Bergen:

Dr. Ulrich Sander
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/1294

Gynaecologist in Bergen:

Tilli Arlt
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/8444

Dentists in Bergen:

Dr. Joachim E. Köhnen
Heidhof 1
29303 Bergen (Sülze)
Telefon: 05054/1666
Ursula Schmidt
Bahnhofstraße 28
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/8303
Kerstin Pohl
Harburger Str. 11
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/5086
Jan Schwarze
Bahnhofstraße 20
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/8084
Udo Wolters
Kärrnerstraße 8
29303 Bergen
Telefon: 05051/2091

At the weekend when the surgeries are closed, there is an emergency medical service for the region. The local newspapers (Berger Kurier, Bergener Stadt- und Örtzeanzeiger) publish information on the relevant doctors and surgery hours for the weekend. Furthermore the Medical Emergency Surgery (Notfallpraxis) Celle is open outside normal surgery hours and at the weekend for emergencies:

Notfallpraxis Celle
77er Straße 45a
29221 Celle

If you are admitted to hospital

Germany has public hospitals, private clinics and charitable hospitals run by church relief organisations; many larger cities have university hospitals as well. As a rule, your general practitioner will arrange to have you admitted to hospital; only in case of emergency you should go there directly. Your health insurance will normally cover the costs of your hospital stay. Since hospitalisation can be very expensive, however, it is a good idea to determine in advance whether all of your treatment costs are covered.

Public Hospitals near Bergen:

Allgemeines Krankenhaus Celle
Siemensplatz 4
29223 Celle
Telefon: 05141/720

Heidekreis-Klinikum Soltau
Oeninger Weg 30
29314 Soltau
Telefon: 05191/6020

University hospital near Bergen:

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1
30625 Hannover
Telefon: 0511/5320

What to do in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency you have two alternatives:

  1. In life-threatening or other serious situations, or if you are uncertain, dial 112, which connects you with the emergency services. The number is valid throughout Germany. An ambulance will arrive within 15 minutes. 112 is a Freephone number.
  2. If the situation is not quite as serious, but too severe to go to your own doctor you can go directly to the A&E department (Notaufnahme) of a hospital. A&E departments are open day and night.

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