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The city of Bergen

Having evolved from the former high-bailiwick of Bergen of the Kingdom of Hanover which, following its annexation in the 19th century by the Kingdom of Prussia, was incorporated into the newly formed administrative district of Celle, the city of Bergen is today a special development area or basic centre located in the northern part of the administrative district of Celle and is the only municipality in the administrative district which has the status of a city (granted in 1957).

Coat of arms of the city of Bergen

One year before being granted city rights, the municipality of Bergen called on its citizens to create designs for a coat of arms. Prizes were awarded for the best designs which were also taken as the basis for developing the final coat of arms, a task that was entrusted to heraldry expert Gustav Völker. The coat of arms developed by Gustav Völker includes a moorland sheep skull and a stylized oak tree bearing acorns – symbols representing how Bergen is inextricably linked to the landscape of the Lüneburg Heath. This coat of arms with the official description: “A stylised oak tree bearing golden acorns against a silver backdrop over a silver moorland sheep skull against a green backdrop at the base of the escutcheon” was approved by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior in 1957, the year in which Bergen was granted city rights.

Since the adoption of the territorial and administrative reform implemented by the state of Lower Saxony in 1973, this coat of arms has also been applied to the extended unified community or the single municipality of “Stadt Bergen” (the city of Bergen).


Bergen and its surroundings

In 1971 and 1973, following the implementation of local restructuring measures, the communities of Becklingen, Belsen, Bleckmar, Diesten, Dohnsen, Eversen, Hagen, Hassel, Nindorf, Offen, Sülze and Wardböhmen were incorporated into the city of Bergen. As a result, there was a significant increase in the population and area. The district area of the former special development area or basic centre of Bergen was subsequently increased from 11 km² to 163 km².

The city of Bergen currently has a population of around 13,300.

Apart from its agricultural character, the neighbouring NATO military training area Bergen-Hohne plays a significant role in the composition of the population and the infrastructure of the city. Bergen has a number of high-performance middle-sized enterprises from different industries that operate at a regional and nationwide level.

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